Committees & Delegates

Standing Committees:

In-House Counsel Committee

The In-House Counsel Committee provides networking and professional development opportunities for APALA-NJ in-house attorney members and promotes the professional development of all APALA-NJ members.

  • Renato Ronquillo II
  • Jonathan Amar
  • Leilani Holgado
  • Amit Parikh
  • Richard Ramones

NAPABA Relations

The NAPABA Relations Committee fosters and develops APALA-NJ’s relationship with NAPABA by promoting NAPABA’s events and services at the affiliate level and advocating for APALA-NJ and its members at the national level.

  • Alex Lee - Chair

Judicial & Prosecutorial Appointments

  • Jhanice Domingo - Chair
  • Janice V. Arellano
  • Arupa Barua
  • Jenny Chung
  • Qing H. Guo
  • Richard Ramones

Pro Bono/Public Interest

The Pro Bono/Public Interest Committee is committed to public service, spreading awareness of pro bono opportunities to APALA-NJ members, and strengthening ties with various communities in New Jersey, as well as encouraging interest in the public service sector amongst APALA-NJ members.

  • Sudha V. Raja - Chair

Professional Development

  • Andrew Sarrol - Chair

Solo/Small Firm Practice

The Solo/Small Firm Practice Committee provides a forum that specifically addresses the concerns and needs of APALA-NJ members who are solo practitioners or are attorneys who work at small law firms.

  • Andrea Lee
  • Kyle Chan

Young Lawyers

The Young Lawyers Committee is geared towards building long-term relationships with law students and young attorneys, encouraging them to become involved with the Asian Pacific American community and providing a means for them to build and grow their professional ranks.

  • Brain J. Yarzab - Co-chair
  • Parthiv M. Patel - Co-chair

Law Students Relations Committee

  • James Derry - Co-chair
  • Peter Tu - Co-chair

APALA-NJ Delegates to New Jersey State Bar Association:

NJ State Bar Association At-Large Trustee

2017-2018 Supti Bhattacharya

NJ State Bar Association Diversity Committee

2017-2018 Christine Neeman

NJ State Bar Association Diversity Committee

2017-2018 Andrew Sarrol

NJ State Bar Association Diversity Committee

2017-2018 Eric Fikry


APALA-NJ Delegates to New Jersey Supreme Court Committees:

Complementary Dispute Resolution

2017-2019 Trevor Taniguchi

Criminal Practice

2017-2019 Priya Ramrup

Family Practice 

2017-2019 Jhanice Domingo

Minority Concerns

2017-2019 Rahat Babar

Model Criminal Jury Charges

2017-2019 Ayushi Rajpurohit

Rules of Evidence

2017-2019 Chris Struben

State Domestic Violence Working Group

2017-2019 Jhanice Domingo

Arbitration Advisory

2017-2019 K. Raja Bhattacharya

Women in the Courts

2018-2020 Janice V. Arellano


Access & Fairness


Henry T. Chou

Bench Bar Media


Navdeep Tucker


Civil Practice


Willard Shih

Jury Selection in Civil & Criminal Trials


Florelee Wan

Model Civil Jury Charges


K. Raja Bhattacharya

Special Civil Part Practice


Jenny Chung

Tax Court


A. Paul Genato